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Boxwood Garden & Carriage House Venue Tour

Carriage House Venue Tour

Our Wedding Venue in Moving Pictures

At Belle Meade Plantation, we understand that shopping for a wedding venue is similar to shopping for a home. Realtors use videos to showcase their listed homes to prospective buyers. As a buyer, seeing a video is the next best thing to touring the home. The ability to preview a home via video to buyers living out of state is invaluable. This is quite similar to a couple who opts for a destination wedding. Seeing the space is essential for both the planners and the wedding parties. At Belle Meade Plantation, our brides and grooms-to-be, event, and wedding planners are welcome to tour the plantation in person anytime. If a destination wedding is planned or if the wedding parties do not live near our Nashville location or simply can’t find the time to meet with us, we offer the next best thing: Video Tours.

Nashville Venue Video Tours

Belle Meade Plantation offers two video tours, hosted by Linda Pilkinton, Director of Events at Belle Meade Plantation, showcasing our venue’s indoor and outdoor space offerings for your wedding or reception. The first video includes our both outdoor space (Boxwood Garden) and indoor climate controlled space (Carriage House). The second video focuses solely on the Carriage House. These videos were created to be viewed by brides,  grooms, and event planners online when considering Belle Meade Plantation for your special event., ceremony, or wedding reception. The tours not only include information about the location, but photos offering decoration and space use ideas.